Monday, February 6, 2012

Vacay Chic

Summer is just around the corner and all is ready to hit the beach in the sunny side of the season.  Retail brand Cinderella presents Seventeen's vacay-chic collection for 2012 in the most wanted hues to beat the heat stroke. Cooling off under the sun are pastel, bold and neutral tones in relaxed and effortless manner.  Sorbet and muted hues is taking all the sweetness with a hint of sexiness.  Whether the beach or poolside, the look comes in wearable and easygoing seperates that can be mixed match to create a wardrobe full of season worthy ideas. Silhouettes range from figure flattering pieces to loose comfy ensembles.  The young and free spirited displays modern fashion in its most uncontrived and unstructured manner of dressing--just the way summer should be. Bring the look of "cool" back into the pool with mod retail fashion. Leave the frills behind, it's all about the basics and adding a modern twist to it. 

Shot on located at Sulu Riviera in Quezon city.  Photogrpahy by Sara Black, Styling by Luis Espiritu Jr., Associate styling by Reg Rordriguez and Mikka Velasquez, modeled by Petra of Mercator.

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