Monday, October 13, 2014

BTS SM Kids shoes

Shooting with kids is fun! The team recently styled the up and coming SM Kids shoes Ad material for the holidays and it seemed like we were transported back to our youth.  Bright young things were all around us with everything pretty cute and colorful.  It's like any other job but the big difference is the fun of being a child on the set again.  Light and easy as it always seems with an overload of sweets just in case the model needs a sugar high.  Like any other shoot though, the team is complete with the set, lights, preprod, wardrobe and makeup.  Here's a view of what it's like and again all in a days work.

See of shoes.

Pre production.

The wardrobe.

The set.

The products.

Take your pic.

The photographer.

The agency.

The style team.

The model, hair and makeup artist.

The client.

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