Thursday, October 16, 2014

The art of Lady Scott Jones

Lady Scott Jones recently opened its showroom to the local style scene showcasing its range of chic decorative fixtures.  Inspired from travels to te South of France, these distinctly well-made masterpieces display the uniqueness and code of understated refinement.  Brushed with the palette of modern neutrals, amazing textures captivates even the most discerning of taste with its alluring attractions.  A fusion of style alter egos, Lady Scott Jones channels its global design sensibilities by bringing the world into the local market. Unique decorative offerings present a contemporary and refreshing perspective.  More than just a conversation piece, the beauty of these fine creations stem from well-thought of cultural/historical references realized into this era of nowness. These luxe settings boasts of amazing artisanal touches with  high standard of quality and craftsmanship one will truly adore. Lady Scott Jones is the new benchmark of a breed of young tastemakers offering an alternative concept into the plethora of design sensibilities flourishing in the Philippines.  

Fashioning Yin-yang.

Perfect sitting.

Arch of style.

Wood wonders.

Style wisdom.

Classic tribute.

Tall order.

My favorite piece.

Sense and sensibilities.

There's company.

Fine textures.

Perfectly hand-made.

Poetry and prose.

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