Sunday, April 29, 2012

If these walls could talk

History repeats itself. Looking back to the glory days of the past makes one wonder what it must have been like to live at a certain time. Loving the idea of having historical landmarks as the backdrop for glossy magazine shoots as it adds sense and texture in every frame taken. This author recently visited the Baluarte de San Diego in the famous walled city--Intramuros. The Philippines' main city was almost completely reduced to ashes during the war and whatever was left is merely a faint memory of old world splendor. The feeling you get with the place can be nostalgic and eerie but beyond that is a tickle to the imagination giving one a glimpse of how things were back then. The past is alive today as it becomes setting for a groundbreaking magazine feature with Manila's noteworthy personalities. Baluarte de San Diego's picture perfect appeal reflects history with an interesting vibe of stellar attraction.

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