Tuesday, January 3, 2012

New Year, New You

Health is wealth. This 2012, Devarana Spa brings the holistic health prevention retreat to protect body, mind and skin through a series of Season Change Haven Programs includes Fedora Retreat, Umbrella Sanctuary and Cardigan Hideaway. Each program combines the balancing life force spa treatments that help to improve your harmony and well.

There are three programs to choose from.  First, is the Fedora Retreat Program which will protect you from all uncomfortable concerns due to warm weather. Start Fedora Retreat Program with relaxing Yellow-Colour Therapy Hot Bath to slightly help boosting your food appetizer. Followed by Green Tea, Turmeric and Charcoal Body Scrub to brighten your skin, deep cleanse the skin pores and protect the complexion from UV ray and complete the program with Swedish massage, using Aromatic Tea Tree essential scent to assist in strengthening your immune system. Secondly, is the Umbrella Sanctuary Program assists in preventing you from monsoon blue and balancing your life energy through natural Green-Colour Hot Bath, Sea Salt and Tea Tree Body Scrub, Devarana Signature Massage and Passive Yoga Stretching. And lastly, the Cardigan Hideaway is an ideal spa retreat to warm you up , to strengthen your immune system and to deeply nourish your skin during the visit of chilly weather. Cardigan Hideaway Program relieves you from depression and fatigue from cold weather with Thai Herbal Coffee Bath. Then it gets your skin prepped and protected with Detoxifying Cocoa Caffeine & Vanilla Body Wrap and Reviving Source Facial Mask. It enhances your detoxifying experience with Aromatic Contouring and Detoxifying Massage.
The series of Season Change Haven Programs will rebalance and recharge your body and mind during weather variation. You will look good and feel great from the beginning of the year and beyond.  Perfect to start the year by feeling and looking good, these wonderful programs are available in all Devarana Spa's worldwide.

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