Sunday, January 8, 2012

Bonfire of Vanitas

Fragrances is a reflection of one's personal style and personality. One of the most interesting scents for women currently in the market is VANITAS VERSACE EAU DE PARFUM.  The seductive fragrance channeling ethereal seduction in its most alluring and lingering attraction.  Formed by the union of pure elements combined with harmony, this marvelous concotion comes from a fusion of rich tiare flower, lime, freesia with accents of cedar wood and tonka beans.  This expression of beauty and femininity is packaged in a couture like transparent glass body with soft lines of shiny gold metal decoration capped with a shiny metal element decorated with an engraved ivy leaf.  The most feminine part of the ego has now been captured into a perfume channeling absolute ethereal beauty:  Vanitas.

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