Friday, January 13, 2012

Angels in Stone

One of the great reminders of Spanish colonization in the Philippines are the beautiful churches scattered all over the country.  A symbolic mark of Christanity, these monumental "Angels in Stone" are gloriously built and now landmarks of Filipino heritage.  One of the historical masterpiece is the Cathedral of Lipa in Batangas city. Originally located at the shore of Bonbon, the church was destroyed by an eruption of Taal Volcano and was relocated to where it stands today.  High ceilings and massive pillars define the towering structure completed in 1894.  Aside from the beauty of its massive appeal, one can't help but be overwhelmed by the artwork covering the entire ceiling area and the stunning dome in guilded splendor.  The breathtaking painting will leave one in awe as it reminds you of one of the great churches in the world.  The richness of hues and marvelously interesting combinations makes one think this masterpiece is an outcome of a lot of time and meticulous hard work.  A two hour drive away from Manila, the Lipa Cathedral is located in the heart of Lipa City in Batangas. An overwhelming experience, the church is a highly recommended must-go for everyone who's up for a cultural adventure.  And if you do decide to go, don't miss out on Casa Segunda ( a century old ancestral house) as well and visit their famous Cafe de Lipa!
Testament of Faith.


Lo and Behold.


The main altar.

Angel of music.

Pillars of strength.

The mysteries painted on the way.

Mater Dolorosa.

In the company of angels.

The gaurdians of the gates.

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