Sunday, December 4, 2011

The logic of creation

Fashion is a world of visual perspective where creative narratives of style and form seemingly display a wonderful playground for creation.  The endless boundaries encompass the vastness of space where ideas spring to life in a variety of cerebral and non-cerebral incantations.  The setting is a mirror of then and now and perhaps a glimpse of the future in the hope where unbounded creativity is defined with a purpose.
One notable designer who has taken a big leap in fearlessly redefining aesthetics and forefronting a visionary perspective on global design is Adam de Lumen.  The low-key artist who's vast experience in the international and local design scene for almost two decades now is staging a silent movement towards a more forward approach to what we all know as fashion through anti-fashion.
Challenging the norm through the process or creative reinvention, this designer who is currently part of a "think tank" for a globally renowned design group, redefines the future by challenging the establishment, re-working the social norms and taking the aesthetics of taste into a whole new level of understanding. His distinctive works of art introduces new dimensions of pattern-making, re-categorizing a conceptual silhouette which is anti-trend, pro-singular and construction-forward. Instinctively, the highly disciplined renaissance man's is
disciplined in looking at concepts in a 6-dimensional way with a forward state of mind.  The approach to modern anti-fashion is through the essence of rethinking conceptual value, industrial strength, the ability to retain past structures combined with the ability to not be limited to one time setting. 

Inspirational to all, Adam de Lumen's current state of mind is an uncommon perspective for forward thinking brilliance of anti-fashion giving hope to what lies in the future of design.  

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