Monday, December 26, 2011

Sweet Gestures

Christmas has always been the time of merry-making and spending quality time with family, friends and the ones dearest to us.  With the countless names in our own personal lists, one is bound to run out of ideas in what to give for our loved ones. 
            Let's keep it sweet and simple. One great idea to look into is the Patchi brand of superior quality and exquisite chocolate designs allows you to give from the heart this season with their 2011 Christmas collection. Designed with love and made with only the finest imported ingredients (Patchi chocolates contain no preservatives, no artificial flavors, no vegetable oil but only cocoa butter), their Christmas collection reflects warmth and joy in every chocolate piece, box or arrangement. What makes Patchi’s collection quite special from other chocolatiers is the brand’s limited line of Truffles — a real delight for the senses.
            The brand's 2011 Christmas collection brings the magic of the festive season with a couple of holiday treats such as the Holiday Cheers Gift Box that contains a delectable variety of milk chocolate or the Fancy Tin Box that contain the Legere—a light milk chocolate piece filled with hazelnuts and crisped rice—to fancy arrangements displayed in glass, porcelain and crystal vases and bowls, as well as unique gifts like the Cozy Santa Gift Mug that features a smiling cartoon Santa filled with mini chocolates wrapped in red foil or the Sweet Delights Gift Box which is a perfect stocking stuffer containing four solid milk chocolates wrapped in specially designed Christmas stickers.
Nothing too big or fancy, sometimes the sweetest gestures matter the most.

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