Sunday, August 17, 2014

Eterno Messenger 2014

Cool men carry nice bags.  The modernity of fashion has taken over gender issues and while style has broken down endless stereotypes.  At this day and age of practicality, essentials of dressing come together in the essence of both function and form.
In the Philippines, men's bag line Eterno breaks the mold and unfolds an up to date accesory that every guy should have-the messenger. Its latest offerings display stylish quality pieces in premium exotic skins and leather combinations.  Why bring a duffle bag(which is way to big) or an oversized clutch( a tad bit small) but instead go for a messenger that comes in a variety of sizes to fit your everyday need. Modern men have gone out of the mold and have taken the leap by braving their "bag" style in amazing textures.  This style essential can be the best accessory to carry with ones day to day look.  Menswear fashion has gone style-forward and the bag has definitely sent the message across.

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