Friday, February 7, 2014

Life of Pie

The Mall of Asia area in Manila is growing by the minute.  Establishments are opening so quickly and soon the entire area would be the next Makati and bring back the glory days of the Manila area.  
Pizza has become a favorite comfort food of Filipinos.  Aside from the fastfood chains all over the country,  there are a handful of heart warming pizzerias. Much talked about since late last year, is the current talk of the town - Project Pie.  The menu provides two choices with your pizza, one is a choice from three classic types and the other is to create your own.  The dough is fresh and you can see it being done in front of your eyes.  From the crust, the next step is the base sauce which is either red or white. Then comes the showcase of toppings ranging from a variety of cheese, meat, vegetables and spices.  Create your own masterpiece and load up as much as you can( this comes with an additional cost per topping).  If you opt for three classic offerings, your pizza will cost you only P285.  To top it all, one can have German beer or Chilean wine to go with. Cheap treat for a worthy meal but be mindful of the crowd- to date its still quite full at any time. Cheers!

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