Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Discovering Taipei

Traveling to Taipei for the first is an adventure to an amazing world of contemporary lifestyle.  From the airport, it takes around an hour to get to the modern city.  The well planned skyway( a key to developing super cities) is like an easy drive through the countryside where one can see the optimistic future that lies ahead.  As one enters the city, you are welcomed with towering super structures and main roads surprisingly as wide as highways.  With bicycle and pedestrian lanes aplenty, the two wheel age old mode of transportation is seen everywhere and encouraged by the  government to be part of their growing culture amidst the fast-rising speed of modernity. At the center of it all is Taipei 101, one of the tallest skyscrapers in the world - undoubtedly the main tourist attraction.  Walking around the city is a delight where art is alive as it welcomes your eyes with much amusement.  Modern buildings in amazing architecture display art on their frontage, and seemingly on the streets as well with performers.  At night, the city transforms into a shopping Mecca wherein one is treated to a whole new experience with an overload of night markets in key districts.  
One main attraction is the 24 hour library.  At its main entrance, the area becomes a major thrift shop with huge suitcases lined up at the sidewalk wherein one is surprised to a variety of finds from clothing to and even home decor. From
street to library shopping? As one enters the library, one discovers(aside of course from the countless bookshelves) at the basement a mini shopping area where you can find young up and coming designers and a wide range of kitschy and artsy pieces. 
From shopping to food, the super city is a gastronomic journey to the heart. Known for their street food of all sorts, Taipei surprisingly is a threshold of gourmet attractions.  From renowned international designer cafés to their very own fine dining specialties, the next "foodie" city is definitely at par with what their neighboring countries have to offer.
A must-try is their globally renowned mango ice shaving which was named by CNN as one of the top 10 desserts in the world.
Moving to the outskirts of the city, one can find the famous cable ride which brings you to the top of the mountains.  The 40 minute ride takes you crossing over several mountains where huge colossal temples can be seen. Upon reaching the summit, a breathtaking panoramic view of Taipei 101 unfolds.  Going back to the foot of the mountain is the famous zoo where countless tourists enjoy nature, its lush botanical gardens and a glimpse of the wild life.
Taipei presents a totally relaxed and adventurous setting for travelers who love food and bargain shopping. A unique experience for those who want a taste of a well-balanced lifestyle in a growing city just at the right time and pace.

Taipei 101.

Concrete wonder in the heart of Taipei 101.

District night market.

The view from Taipei 101.

A cable ride to remember over the mountains of Taipei.

Bird's eye view.

The art of grace found in the city zoo.

Keep the faith.

The upper lobby of the W Hotel in Taipei.

The famous party night attraction at the W hotel.

Poolside view.

Main lobby at the W Hotel Taipei.

Yummy all day breakfast menu.

Joel Robuchon in Taipei.

Interiors at Joel Robuchon.

Seeing red.

Forbidden fruit.

The must-try mango ice shaving was voted by CNN as one of the top 10 desserts in the world.  Be prepared for the long queue!

Lights on in the city of Taipei.

Modern art in the city.

Singing in the rain?

The art mob in one of Taipei's main city street.

Art is alive.

The Library.

The iconic Taipei 101 at night.

Architectural wonder at the airport.

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