Saturday, May 4, 2013



Artist Soleil Ignacio's latest exhibit "exalted souls" is like an homage to feline idols in the guise of powerful women. Celebrating the nine lives of cats, these rich acrylic and pastel incantations in thick textures are awashed in gouache glazes are detailed with ink and graphite. Inspired from history, mythology and semiotics, the tribute to the feline famille delves into the core of its definitive existentialism. Ignacio showcases a refreshing facet of artistry departing from her signature visuals of ethereal and fairy-like beauties and fascinating interest on cats. 
“Exalted Souls” is rich in form and spirit as it echoes the artist's favored devotion and affinities.These nine works of art is her first solo exhibition in veneration to felines symbolically represented by femme figures.  These feline visual tales strikingly tell more than meets the eye. 

 “Exalted Souls” by Soleil Ignacio is currently at Vinyl on Vinyl located at The Collective, Malugay street, makati city.

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