Sunday, February 10, 2013


Love Art Fair Philippines 2013 which is currently on its last day at The Link in Makati city(on the 6th floor of the Ansons parking lot beside Shangri-la makati). A showcase of contemporary art participated by notable galleries in the country, the must-go event is more than a sight to behold. The exhibition is a look into the thriving artistic scene-scape wherein one is presented with an overwhelming display of brilliance and talent. One can't help but be mesmerized by the fantastical and marvelous expositions of Filipino artistry. Mediums, perspectives, identities and aesthetics in outstanding visualizations impressively captivates and moves the eyes of the countless beholder. A walk into the realm of both reality and fantasy, the art of passage seemed to be brimming with optimism on a more global point of view. Experiencing the remarkable scene for nearly two hours is inspiring and makes one proud to be a Filipino.  Overall, the successful event insightfully binds Pinoy art as a whole into a progressive movement that takes the industry forward. 




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