Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Wild Cravings

Filipinos love eating out. From fast food to fine dining, nothing can truly satisfy the Pinoy palette as long there's something new to try. After several attempts to make a reservation, was finally able to dine at the latest novelty to open in town -Wildflour. Trying to book a table can be quite an ordeal but once you've had a taste of what everyone is talking about-- you just keep on coming back. Wildflour has a great menu for carb loading fanatics. From breads, sandwiches, pasta and more, one gets complete satisfaction for their a thousand and one cravings. Forget about the calories, must try are the burger, bone marrow and the steak and eggs- how can one resist good food. The ambience is very relaxed, understated without all the flash - definitely the best place to have good lunch and coffee. Though the look may be low-key, the latest hangout for lunchies and afternoon delight is currently the scene to be scene- you'll never know who you'd bump into. Wildflour is always packed so make sure to make your reservation way in advance.

Wildflour cafe is located at 4th corner 26th street, Fort Bonifacio, Taguig city.

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