Monday, June 4, 2012

A Step Ahead

In the Philippines, good local shoes for men are hard to find. There aren't much brands to choose from since there is an influx of international names that cover most of the market. Though this maybe the current situation, there are a handful of locally made men's shoes that standout and one of them is Salvatore Mann. The in house brand of SM for the modern gentleman, they present a wide range of selections to choose from season after season. From classic to trendy, whether in style, up to date design or the latest color, Salvatore Mann spearheads the shoe retail landscape in trendsetting via mass market proportions. Undoubtedly, the latest in footwear transcends from the international runways into the streets. Style is made affordable through pieces inspired from global designer brand collections all over the world. Men don't need to worry in getting stylish shoes that cost an arm and a leg, Salvatore Mann has taken the big step ahead.

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